Best Link Tracking Software

Link tracker is generally used for tracking the links on your website if you are interested in affiliate marketing and also bloggers or marketing agencies. You can see the effectiveness of your marketing activities by tracking the clicks (or taps) on the links on your website. It helps you to make it easier to understand what actually is gaining more attention of your customers’ from your page.

What is Link Tracking?

Tracking the number of clicks on specific links on your website is called Link Tracking. Also you can track the number of clicks on the links of your email or social media posts. In order to grow your business, you must keep track of the numbers of clicks for learning your visitors’ interest or demand from your website.

Why do you need a link tracker?

If you are unaware of the number of clicks on your marketing links, then it will make you lose a huge amount of money. By keeping track of the clicks on your website, you can understand on which part of your website your visitors’ are getting more service or being more helpful for them.

So, these are the reasons you must keep the tracks of your links on your website-

  • To understand your customers: In order to run online business, the most important is to manage your customers. If they are getting what they exactly want from your site, then you will be able to grow and succeed in comparably less amount of time. And that’s why you need to track the clicks of your customers’ to understand from where they are getting more of their need from your page.
  • For more effectiveness: If you want to invest your time and money wisely then then you also need to track your links. It allows you to manage your campaign more effectively and helps you to run your business like a pro.
  • To make more profit: In order to get a positive ROI (Return on Investment) from your affiliate marketing or other marketing advertisements, you need link tracking tools to track your links to get important data about your website, webpage or links. You will be able to realize if your campaigns are being successful to provide enough service to the visitors or customers who are visiting.

How you will be able to find out what is more necessary on your site? By keeping the tracks of the clicks on your site will make you understand.

So, if you want to analyze whether you are getting a positive ROI from affiliate marketing or other promotional marketing strategies or not then here we are going to introduce you with some of the best link click tracking software.

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Voluum is an ad tracker with advanced analytical features and is with built in optimization tools. This AI web based software can provide the affiliate marketers a performance tracking solution. It’s one of the top best affiliate marketing softwares.


  • For the best ROI, Voluum lets you analyze performance of your offers, landing pages and paths in real time.
Voluum Features
  • It can detect bot traffic and helps you take action to save your budget.
Voluum tracker Detect.Analyze.Protect.
Voluum Prelander and Subsequent lander
  • With the Voluum Mobile App it allows you to access your campaigns anytime, anywhere. You can get notified whenever any important event comes up. Also by modifying the dash board you can choose what you want to see first.
 Voluum Mobile App
  • It allows you to make team works and share the results to your business partners. It helps you to separate particular works in teams.
separate particular works in teams

Voluum Pricing

   Voluum offers you four different prices to choose from

  1. The Discover Plan ($69/mo)
  2. The Profit Plan ($149/mo)
  3. The Grow Plan ($449/mo)
  4. The Agency Plan ($999/mo)



The link tracker can be used to easily track and optimize even the most elaborate sale funnel. Here are the features of this app.


  • It can filter the traffic bots automatically. You can easily find out which clicks are bot clicks and which are real.
ClickMagick Features
  • By advance retargeting you can boost your sales by following visitors all over the web. You can add a retargeting pixel from any add network even if it does not belong to your website which helps you to increase exposure to all the offers.
advanced retargeting

This platform provides you with 400 articles and tutorials mostly covering everything about tracking and so on with ClickMagick.

Knowledge base with video tutorials
  • Also ClickMagick can offer you a lot of tools like dynamic affiliate links, automated split testing etc.

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick offers you 3 plans-

  1. Starter Plan ($27/mo)
  2. Standard Plan ($67/mo)
  3. Pro Plan ($97/mo)

In this platform there is a 30 day money back refund anytime.

The Standard Plan is their most popular plan among the above.

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Being one of the best link trackers in this list, ClickMeter allows to track from where visitors are coming from. Also you can track where they ended up in your site. This tracker is loved by over 100,000 big and small businesses.

ClickMeter can be an useful tracking tool for Agencies, Affiliates, Advertisers and Publishers.

Tracking tool for Agencies, Affiliates, Advertisers and Publishers

ClickMeter helps Agencies to monitor customers’ campaigns, track the conversion rate of campaigns to find out if they are performing well, fight click frauds and share results with customers in real-time.

ClickMeter Agency

ClickMeter allows Affiliate Marketers to shorten and customized links, helps them detect if the clicks are coming from visitors or bot, allows to split test with multiple destination URLs.

ClickMeter Affiliate Marketers

If you are an advertiser then ClickMeter allows you to track sales and conversions to understand the campaigns’ performances, to fight click fraud and also you can use it to double check data from your paid marketing Ad network.

ClickMeter advertiser

If you are a publisher, then ClickMeter allows you to certify the visibility that you provide for your clients and share results with them. It helps you to increase trust to your clients and gain more clients.

ClickMeter publisher

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter offers you 3 plans-

  1. Medium ($29/mo)
  2. Large ($99/mo)
  3. X-Large ($349/mo)


This web based link tracker helps you to optimize your marketing campaigns on your marketing sites, affiliate links and social media accounts.


  1. This platform helps you to analyze where the traffic is coming from, the viewers of your ad and also by using rule sets you can control which ads and links will be shown.
  2. You don’t have to waste your time making special links for each of your channels. will automatically tag from where your traffics are coming.
  3. You can shorten links and create custom links using this platform.
  4. In this platform, you can track various links in different channels using different verticles. Also you can track affiliate links, sales even cloak like a pro.

TRCK.ME Pricing

This platform offers 2 plan-

  1. Standard Plan ($29/mo)
  2. Enterprise Plan ($79/mo)


Improvely is a link tracking tool by which marketers can track, test and finally optimize their marketing with a lot of features. This tool allows you to identify the source of conversions, detect click fraud and help you showing real visitors on your site and their activities.


  • By conversion tracking and attribution feature the marketers can track clicks, conversions and gather the benefits in one place from all your online marketing. It shows you from where the revenues and conversions are coming from. It also shows you the link clicks on source, medium, keywords, rates etc.
  • By click fraud monitoring feature you can identify the blocks and bots. The fraud clicks (bots) can cost you money for no reason. This feature can detect the fraud clicks by detecting IP addresses, location, time and URL.
  • By agency and white label feature you can get ready marketing reports.

Improvely Pricing

   Improvely offers you 3 pricing plan:

  1. Freelancer plan ($29/mo)
  2. Startup plan ($79/mo)
  3. Small agency plan ($149/mo)
  4. Large agency plan ($299+/mo)

You can have a free trial for 14 days but you have to show your card details (you can cancel anytime).


Qliker is a link tracker which is promoted as ClickMagick’s alternative tool. This new link tracking tool has some decent features and also it’s cheaper than ClickMagick’s.


  • Qliker will allow you to customize your tracking links and make them yours.
  • This tool is comparably easy to setup and user friendly.
  • Via IP management tool, this link tracker offers IP blocking and filtration. So, without letting any bots to mess with your clicks, you can send them forward

without any risk.


Qliker offers a free trial ($0/mo) and 3 pricing plans-

  1. The Starter Plan ($12/mo)
  2. The Advanced Plan ($35/mo)
  3. The Professional Plan ($70/mo)

So which one do you think the best? Now you just have to decide which one you find more effective providing sophisticated features and plans for your business.

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